Domino Poker Rules


Each player may in his turn do one of the following Check. This is done to stay in the game, without adding any money to the pot. Fold, which is to drop out of the game and lose any claim to the pot. A player who folds must not show his hand. Bet. The player adds some money to the pot. Call. Raise the bet..Hands rank from high to low as listed below. Royal Hand or Invincible. Five doubles. Straight Sixes. A sequence of consecutive suits on one end with all tiles also bearing the suit of six on the other end. Four of a Kind. Straight Fives. Full House. Straight Fours. Three of a Kind or a Triple. Flush..Number of Players . Type of Dominoes Used CARDominoes. Type of Game Card Game Requirements One set of CARDominoes without Jokers. Winning .How to Play Domino in Simple Rules and Strategies. Domino or is a game that combines two table games and has been .